RCMA 18 Part Foundation/Concealer palette - KJB


Kevin James Bennett (KJB) Completion Palette

Emmy Award winning makeup artist and educator, Kevin James Bennett, is recognized for his impeccable complexion work in all media formats. This Ultimate Complexion Palette features his favorite selection of RCMA Foundations for global skin-tones, a row of the essential single pigments used to create all complexion shades, and a "clear" mixing medium.

Palette Includes:

  • KA-1
  • KA-4
  • KO-3
  • KO-7
  • KN-2
  • KN-7
  • Shinto-0
  • Shinto-1
  • Shinto-3
  • Shinto-5
  • Shinto-8
  • MB-8
  • Clear
  • PP-White
  • PP-Yellow
  • PP-Red
  • PP-Blue
  • PP-Black