NC Silicone Modeling Compound Kit


  • The Narrative Cosmetics Silicone Modeling Compound is an extremely versatile silicone product that can resurface skin, create special effects, and can even be poured into molds.
  • This Silicone Modeling Compound creates realistic wounds, scars, and prosthetics, and can fill in uneven textures to smooth out skin.
  • It can be thinned with 99% alcohol when uncured to blend into the skin.
  • IMPORTANT: Once Part A and Part B are combined, the product will set immediately so make sure not to cross-contaminate the tongue depressors, spatulas, etc.
  • Store and use at room temperature. Do not use any products that may contain sulfur or latex until the silicone has completely set.

2oz Kit = 1oz jar of part A and 1oz jar of part B.

4oz Kit = 2oz jar of part A and 2oz jar of part B.