NC SFX Brush Set Essential - Collection #1


  • The Narrative Cosmetics SFX Essential Collection #1 Kit includes a 12 piece brush set, vanilla fragrance brush soap cleanser, and black standing makeup brush bag.
  • Essential Collection #1 includes the following brushes: Soft Blender, Texture, Textured Filbert, Large Speckling, Small Speckling, Fine Detail, Vascular, Angled Liner, Angled Adhesive, Splatter, Filbert, Medium Blade. The brushes are made with bamboo handles and aluminum ferrules with vegan, soft synthetic bristles. Our brushes are hypoallergenic and 100% cruelty free.
  • Our makeup brush cleanser is perfect for cleaning and conditioning natural and synthetic bristle brushes. The soap has a light vanilla scent and includes a silicone cleaning pad (located inside the cap) to aid in removing makeup residue from brushes. Our soap is cruelty-free and made with fresh ingredients including avocado, jojoba, argan, and sweet almond oil from an all vegan formula.
  • The Stand-Up Makeup Brush Bag is perfect for storing brushes and various accessories. The bag design allows you to store your brushes in the upright position, providing easy access and organization. The brush bag features 3 elastic pouches for securely storing small accessories, as well as a divider to separate smaller and bigger brushes. The divider has a removable velcro strap giving you the option to keep or remove it as needed.
  • The Narrative Cosmetics SFX Essential Collection #1 Kit is perfect for professional makeup artists working on set to everyday makeup enthusiasts.